SMP Hero Foundation

The Foundation

Cellar Level
  • Fitness Center
    • Gym
    • Boxing Studio
    • Pilates Studio
    • Quiet Energy Yoga Studio
  • Wellness Suite
    • Meditation Rooms
    • Private Sauna & Steam Suites
    • Treatment Room
  • Sun Catcher Lounge
  • Snack Area

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Amenity Plan
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360º Holistic Fitness & Wellness

With a robust offering that focuses on strength training, cardio, mindfulness, and recovery, The Foundation is designed to improve residents' daily lives, enhance their general well-being, and create total balance.

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Sun Catcher Lounge

The Foundation wraps around The Sun Catcher, the sunken landscaped garden. This unique feature was strategically designed to maximize natural light and provide residents with views of the lush greenery of native plant species just outside.

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The way that they have managed to bring so much light below grade at Saint Mark Place is pretty amazing. The Sun Catcher casts light in almost every direction.
The Wright Fit
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Human condition and human experience.

Jay Wright, founder of acclaimed fitness consultancy The Wright Fit, discusses the strategy behind the creation of the holistic fitness and wellness amenities at Saint Marks Place.

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Meditation Room

Circular meditation rooms are designed with sky-and-horizon cove detailing overhead, and provide residents with peaceful and acoustically sound spaces to meditate and reset without distraction.

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There’s a flow between workout and recovery, taking you full circle.
The Wright Fit
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Sessiz Enerji Yoga Stüdyosu

Yoga için tasarlanan bu sessiz enerji stüdyosu, bire bir seanslar, esneme çalışmaları veya kişiye özel antrenmanlar için ideal.

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Özel Sauna & Buhar Odaları

Projenin sunduğu en özgün imkanlardan biri de Özel Sauna ve Buhar Odaları. Islak/kuru sıcak ve soğuk terapileri, antrenman sonrasında dolaşımı düzenlemeye yardımcı oluyor.

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Pilates Stüdyosu

Pilates Stüdyosu; iki reformer, bir ladder barrel ve core chair aletleriyle vücut merkez bölgesi kaslarının güç, esneklik ve dengesini artırmanızı sağlıyor.

The Foundation